When your best clients drive your practice,
attracting more of them is easy
Learn to get referrals the natural way
and revolutionize your business
Most of what you have heard about getting referrals
is incomplete, outdated, or wrong
Advisors don’t get referrals because they
have no formal plan to attract them
Steve Wershing is the best marketing mind in
financial planning. - Bob Veres (Publisher, Inside Information)
Introductions following our last client advisory board meeting represent almost $30 million in new assets.

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Get Rid Of Your Problems Getting Referrals Once And For All

Stop asking for referrals!

Design your own financial advisor referral marketing program

Think about the last time you asked for a referral. How uncomfortable was that for you? How uncomfortable to make your client? Did you get a high quality referred prospect that will become a great client? Wouldn't it be great if there was a reliable way to get consistent ongoing referrals without all that awkwardness and discomfort? There is!


The referral marketing plan template will show you how to design and implement your own strategy for attracting an ongoing stream of referrals – without asking! This document is based on research done with thousands of clients of advisors and distills the collective wisdom of some of today's top experts in client satisfaction, prospecting, and referrals. It incorporates some of the most surprising findings about how, when and why referrals actually happened. And it puts them all into an easy-to-follow recipe for putting all this expertise to work.



Stephen Wershing, CFP has coached hundreds of financial advisors over his 14 years as a broker dealer executive. He now consults with advisors on understanding how referrals happen and how to apply that knowledge to systematically attract a consistent stream of referrals – without asking!

The template includes articles on

  • ·         obtaining client feedback
  • ·         discovering your value
  • ·         developing a niche market
  • ·         differentiating yourself from other advisors
  • ·         engaging your clients in helping you implement the strategy
  • ·         referral conversations to have with centers of influence

It contains checklists, worksheets and planners to take you through the process.

This guide will give you everything you need to implement your own financial advisor referral marketing strategy. Soon you will find that your clients and their friends and Associates will be calling you on a regular basis to introduce you to new prospects. This guide will show you how to bring in many more clients than you attract now, and for a tiny fraction of the value of a single client. And you can forget about ever asking for another referral ever again.


This guide can revolutionize your practice, and for only $10. Order your own copy now, and start growing your financial advisory business!


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