When your best clients drive your practice,
attracting more of them is easy
Learn to get referrals the natural way
and revolutionize your business
Most of what you have heard about getting referrals
is incomplete, outdated, or wrong
Advisors don’t get referrals because they
have no formal plan to attract them
Steve Wershing is the best marketing mind in
financial planning. - Bob Veres (Publisher, Inside Information)
Introductions following our last client advisory board meeting represent almost $30 million in new assets.

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Financial Advisor Services

Why is it so hard for Financial Advisors to attract more referrals?

The common wisdom is that you need to ask to get more referrals.

Ask more. Ask consistently. Ask Better. Ask more creatively.


Asking is a big part of the problem. Your clients refer all the time. They refer you more often than you think - research has shown that 29% of an average advisors clients refer them every year. Are you getting referrals from 29% of your clients? If not, we can coach you to do the things that will help you actually receive more of those referrals, and get more of your clients referring you consistently.

Contact us to find out how.

Have you taught your clients what kind of client you are looking for? Have you taught them why you are different and the ideal advisor for those target clients?

Hint: It is not because of trust, customer service, great employees, customized plans - EVERYONE has to say that! Important, yes. But not diffrent.

When your clients talk about you, what do they say? "We have had a great experience with our financial advisor. We get great service. Our portfolio has done well." That's what EVERY client says about their advisor - why should the person hearing that call you over those other advisors?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to say the same things as everyone else. Your practice can offer a value (maybe you already do) that will have clients wanting to learn more. What is the service, skill or product that your ideal prospects will find compelling? And how can you communicate it in a way that has prospects wanting to hear more? How do you teach your clients what to say to their friends that will make them want to pick up the phone and call you? We can show you!

The Client Driven Practice has a full range of services to show you how to:

  • Discover what your clients find most valuable
  • Set yourself apart from other advisors
  • Enlist your clients in helping you attract new clients
  • Teach people what to say so the people they talk to want to talk to you.
  • Attract more referrals

Our Financial Advisor Services Include:

  • Advisor Coaching
  • Advisor Marketing
  • Practice Management
  • Advisor Prospecting Ideas

Programs we offer include

Or have Stephen Wershing, CFP deliver a keynote or workshop to your next event.

  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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