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Your Marketing Claims Need To At Least Make Sense!

I look at hundreds of advisor websites – of my clients, their competitors, and in doing research. Most say pretty much the same thing. It is frustrating, boring, but understandable.

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Looking for Advisors to Interview



I am compiling success stories of advisors who have been particularly effective at defining a niche market and building a practice around it. Who are the advisors who, in your mind, have:

  • Carved out a specific group and identified a special need to fulfill
  • Built a practice with a clear and distinct specialty
  • Developed an expertise most advisors do not have
  • Networked unusually effectively within a target market

Who stands out in your mind as a practitioner or a firm that has become known for something specific and communicates their special skill or value particularly well?  Please suggest people or firms in the comments below or by email. I would love to recognize them for their sucessful strategy!

Over the next month or so, I will be in Boston, Philadelphia, and Orlando. I have other trips coming up this year. But I am happy to talk to your nominees wherever they are!


A Niche Is A Need – Avoiding The Biggest Mistake Of Marketing

Maybe you've heard that successful marketing starts with defining your niche; know who you will market to before you start. And when they do it, most advisors make the biggest mistake before they ever begin. The people they target are not a niche at all.

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Wall Street Journal Article Shows the Value of Non-Advisory Services

A tweet from Michael Kitces earlier this week alerted me to an article in the Wall Street Journal called "Your Advisor Did What?! The story starts by asking a question all advisors should consider periodically: "what are you getting for that hefty annual fee you are paying your financial planner?"

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Niche Marketing Will Become Mandatory For Clients To Find You

Back in March, Lisa Gray posted an article on Advisors4 Advisors entitled “The Big Referral Myth: How The Internet Has Changed The Way Advisors Get Business." In it, she suggests that referrals are no longer the most important way advisors get new clients, but that searching on the web has become the single most critical way to attract new clients.

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Lessons From the Dow Jones Man-on-the-Street Referral Survey

Veronica Dagher of Dow Jones recently posted a video in which she asks passersby on a Manhattan street what would cause them to make a referral to their financial advisor. Some sample questions and answers include "What do you like best about your advisor?" "He gives me thoughtful ideas."

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How Selling Screws Up Your Marketing

Even advisors who "get" the marketing concept frequently sabotaged it when they sell.

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To Get Your Clients Referring, Teach Them the Trigger Phrases

The new referral conversation is about interacting with our clients the way friends would interact with each other or enlist their help in problem-solving. Whatever approach we take, it should be a conversation that delivers benefits to the client.

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Separate Yourself From Other Advisors By “Productizing”

Face it – what most of us do for clients is indistinguishable from what other advisors do for clients, at least from the clients’ perspective. Claiming that we provide great customer service, financial planning, or adherence to the fiduciary standard won’t work. So, how can you differentiate yourself?

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For More Business, Prospect Fewer Clients

It is utterly against the DNA of most advisors, but if you want to be a success at attracting referrals you must choose not to pursue good prospects.

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