When your best clients drive your practice,
attracting more of them is easy
Learn to get referrals the natural way
and revolutionize your business
Most of what you have heard about getting referrals
is incomplete, outdated, or wrong
Advisors don’t get referrals because they
have no formal plan to attract them
Steve Wershing is the best marketing mind in
financial planning. - Bob Veres (Publisher, Inside Information)
Introductions following our last client advisory board meeting represent almost $30 million in new assets.

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Why custom content is so important to your marketing

Trying to save time by buying mass-produced marketing messages will backfire.

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Funding contentment and the Geometry of Wealth – Brian Portnoy on the Becoming Referable podcast

Purpose driven financial planning expressed in three shapes. And the conversations you can build around it for a more productive client experience.

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Why the difference between your ideal client characteristics and acceptance criteria is important

Why a target market description that sounds like “successful corporate executives who are delegators and appreciate the value of advice and have at least $500,000 to invest” is a problem.

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What were your accomplishments this year?

Consider the positive outcomes that may not have been planned. Maybe one should be a goal for next year. Maybe it should just be celebrated.

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Talk triggers are the secret to being referable – Jay Baer on the Becoming referable podcast

Word of mouth marketing is not based in simple good service. It is a strategy of including something in your service that is designed to get them talking.

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The Difference That Makes a Strategic Plan

How well does your strategic plan describe the differences you want to bring about in your firm?

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Differentiating yourself by doing marketing – Megan Carpenter on the Becoming Referable podcast

The average advisor spends a tiny fraction of the proportion of their budget than most businesses, even most financial companies. Here are some of the basics to put a plan together that works.

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The power of a referral marketing system – Danilo Kawasaki on the becoming referable podcast

Find out how a well designed referral system brings a consistent stream of referrals to this firm’s advisors every week.

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A communication guide for the market downturn

At some point, a market decline will be here and disrupt your client relationships. Planning your communication strategy now can help maintain your relationships.

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Getting clients to follow your advice – Moira Somers on the becoming referable podcast

There’s more to a successful financial advisory relationship than providing good advice. For the relationship to be successful, clients must act on that advice. Today on the Becoming Referable podcast, Dr. Moira Somers helps us dive into the clients’ heads to understand what goes into acting on that advice – or not.

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