When your best clients drive your practice,
attracting more of them is easy
Learn to get referrals the natural way
and revolutionize your business
Most of what you have heard about getting referrals
is incomplete, outdated, or wrong
Advisors don’t get referrals because they
have no formal plan to attract them
Steve Wershing is the best marketing mind in
financial planning. - Bob Veres (Publisher, Inside Information)
Introductions following our last client advisory board meeting represent almost $30 million in new assets.

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Finding a compelling catalyst that drives client engagement – Michael Futterman on the Becoming Referable podcast

Knowing what drives you can be the “wow” factor for clients.

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Paint a picture of working with you

Help clients connect the dots between what you do and where they want to go.

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How to deepen relationships that generate referrals – Lisa Kirchenbauer on the Becoming Referable podcast

How financial life planning and transition planning revolutionized a business and created a steady stream of referrals.

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Know, Like, Trust, Nope

An old sales idea is fundamentally flawed.

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Secrets of Social Marketing - Kevin Knebl on the Becoming Referable podcast

Kevin provides expert advice on how to leverage social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, to build relationships and gain referrals.

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Lower the barriers for clients

Your business model may be getting the way of bringing in new clients.

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Engage yourself to engage clients

Some successful advisors find themselves feeling like they are on a treadmill and that negatively affects the experience and service they provide clients. Top consultant Leo Pusateri has a way to reengage with what got you excited in the first place.

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The unexpected insights and marketing power of a Client Persona

A year ago, Golub Group committed itself to creating an effective client persona. They ended up with a four-page document, some unexpected insights, and new clients that perfectly match the ideal they described.

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The problem with individual feedback

You may not realize it, but you’re biasing your clients’ feedback.

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How to Leverage LinkedIn to Attract Clients – Ben Kniffen on the Becoming Referable podcast

LinkedIn holds lots of opportunities for attracting new clients. Here’s how to make the most of them.

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